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11-Hours Smoked Brisket

Melt in your mouth brisket! Who can say no to flavorful meat that's been slow cooked all day long?

Aside from how long it takes to cook this beautiful piece of brisket, it's really not a lot of work at all to do. You just let the smoker do its job and check the temperature once in a while. On colder days, you'll use more fuel to keep the temperature consistent and on warmer days, you use less cause the temperature will stay warm or get hot fast. Seasoning and favoring is all up to your personal preference.

The other question about smoking meats is, "Do we keep the fat or not?" And the answers out there varies a lot. It really depends on you. We've experiment with the full fat cap and thin fat cap. And the conclusion is, we love our fat! It helps moisten the meat and adds a ton of savory flavor notes. You don't have to eat the fat. Trim it off after cooking. Why get rid of extra natural flavors when it's already there on the slab of meat?


  • 7-8lbs Brisket (trim fat slightly, leave a fat thin fat cap)

  • 1/3 cup dry rub of your choice or more for larger meat (We love our Pappy's dry rub and use it on everything!)


  1. Prep brisket by trimming back fat. Leave a thin fat cap for smoking purposes. Rub seasonings on all surfaces of the brisket. Cover and let marinate for 24-hours.

  2. Preheat smoker 250°F to 300°F. Fuel with lump charcoal and chunks of apple wood. The goal was to cook a bit faster with less smoke exposure. If more smoke flavor is desired, reduce temperature and smoke longer.

  3. Smoke until internal temperature reaches 165°F or when the meats temperature starts to stall. Then wrap in butcher paper and place in a foil tray. Continue to smoke until internal temperature reaches 205°F.

  4. Once at 205°F, take out the brisket and place it in a cooler to let it rest for 1-1.5 hours.

  5. Unwrap and slice against the grain. It literally melts in your mouth! Enjoy 😉!

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